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Empower Your Frontline

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Our Frontline Engagement Training video series includes six instructor-led videos, each 10-25 minutes in length. You can control and monitor your staff's progress on our securely hosted learning management system.  Read more about curriculum content below:

This introductory module will establish the learning foundation, framework and methodology for the Frontline Engagement Training Series.

  • Outlines series objectives
  • Defines varying branch states that will be addressed
  • Defines points of engagement within the branch environment, on which the modules are based
  • Outlines learning framework of each module: Orientation, Preparation, Learning and Review
  • Explains key learning methodologies including communication theory and proxemics

Lobby Management
Employees will learn how to help customers gain their confidence back through different entry engagements, including:

  • How to prepare and familiarize oneself with the changes to the branch.
  • Key safety tips to ensure proper social distancing.
  • Engagement tactics, such as talking beyond the mask, body language, and the value of a warm greeting.
  • Choreography of different engagement scenarios, including addressing corrective behaviors and varying branch layouts.

Host & Accommodate
In the Host and Accommodate Module, employees will learn important safety tips and engagement tactics to help guide customers to the hosting area, including:

  • How to properly prepare hosting areas for reopening.
  • How to shift the approach from “wait” to “how” we host and accommodate.
  • Key safety tips to help keep both employees and customers safe. 
  • Different hosting scenarios, choreography and adaptations to familiarize employees with during engagements in the hosting area. 

In the Transaction Module, employees will learn how to serve customers efficiently, effectively, and safely in the post-Covid environment, including:

  • Shifting the customer mindset from uncertainty to safety and relief.
  • Preparing for engagements in the transact zone.
  • Managing social distancing and safety for customers in line and face-to-face with you for transactions.
  • Engagement tactics, such as talking beyond the mask, body language, and tone of voice.
  • How to successfully transition from Transaction to other points of engagement. 
  • Dealing with corrective behaviors, capacity, and operational engagement.

In the Consultation Module, employees will learn how to prepare for critical conversations and engagements that take place in smaller areas, including:

  • Key safety tips to ensure proper social distancing while learning how to navigate tighter in-branch environments.
  • Crucial safety and financial health questions and how to respond.
  • Important talking points to further conversation with customers and deepen relationships.
  • Choreographed engagement scenarios, addressing corrective behaviors, and design differences in the consult area.

In the Drive-Thru Module, employees will learn how to put the customer journey choreography into practice, including: 

  • How to shift the customer mindset from impatient and inconvenient to efficient and effective.
  • How to prepare for customer engagements in Drive-thru.
  • The correct way to manage safety. 
  • Engagement tactics, such as talking beyond the mask, body language, and tone of voice.

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